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Automating gmail check in your shell

It you are just like me, who likes doing almost everything through the shell scripts rather than fancy UI apps, then here is a nice and easy way of checking a new emails in your gmail account:

function gmail(){
	emails=$(curl -s -u $1:$2 ""\
	 | egrep -o '<fullcount>[0-9]*' | cut -c 12-)
	if [ "$emails" -gt 0 ] ; then echo "You have ${emails} emails in your $1 account"; fi
gmail daenerys.targaryen $(vault read -field=value secret/GPASSWORD)
gmail simply.dany $(vault read -field=value secret/G2PASSWORD)

Simply add this to your .zshrc/.bashrc and you are done, next time you open a new tab you might get this:

Last login: Mon Feb  5 21:27:39 on ttys006
You have 1 emails in your daenerys.targaryen account
➜  ~ 
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